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The leader in high quality, precision  mica, plastics, and metal  fabrication since 1924.

From prototype, and one off parts, through high volume production; we have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to accommodate your needs.

Spruce Pine Mica Co., Established in 1924, is the industry leading producer of precision mica, plastic, and exotic material parts for optical, electronic, medical, aerospace and defense applications. We have through necessity developed our own techniques and machinery to aid in meeting the demanding precision requirements of modern industries. Many of the parts we produce must meet the most demanding applications, with thicknesses ranging down to the millionths of an inch with surfaces completely blemish free. 

Changes in our industry have brought about many synthetic materials which have replaced mica in some applications. We have expanded our capabilities to fabricate these plastics, such as nylon, delrin, Teflon, vespel, torlon, ultem, and other exotic materials.

Our company has one of the most diverse customer base that you can imagine. Our company has manufactured every kind of part for all types of industries from nylon cutting boards to planetary space exploration. From a single piece to over 300,000,000 pieces we can help keep your business moving forward.

An American owned and operated business.  Based in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Spruce Pine Mica Company